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My wife and I are Halloween and Christmas enthusiasts. Well that's what we call ourselves anyway. Others might call us obsessed or that crazy Halloween or Christmas house. It all started with our good friends and neighbors who were crazier than we are now but had to move away. They gave us some of their Halloween decorations for the yard and it was all over from then on.

 We have had a graveyard setup that has grown a little bit each year and we have three 5' tall faces and one 7' tall skull face that I have sequenced to sing some Halloween songs. There are 77 channels of lights including a dancing skeleton. We now have 24 songs finished for a show time of approximately an hour and a half before repeating.

Our Christmas display has 64 channels of lights sequenced to music plus a 17' tall light up tree with a 36" star on top that can play unlimited colors, text, graphics and has been a huge hit with viewers. Christmas show has 10 songs and runs around 35 - 40 minutes before repeating.

Tune your car radio to 93.7 to listen to the music and please be considerate of others and neighbors.

Thanks for visiting our website and be sure to drop by and check out our display!